Testimonials ForFrank Shoemaker

28th Street, San Diego CA 92104

“We have been planning to relocate to San Diego for several years, and now that our daughter is marrying and will move to San Diego next year, now seems like the perfect time to buy a house. We were deeply dissatisfied with our previous realtor, whose prior financial misdealings led to her failure to secure for us a property we desired. When discussing this unfortunate turn of events with friends, one of them provided us with Jeana’s name and telephone number. the rest is history. Jeana and Frank’s positive attitude and willingness to show us a wide variety of properties helped us to refine our requirements for the type of house we were seeking. Their patience, honesty and pleasant personalities are also definite pluses in real estate. We would definitely recommend their services to anyone seeking to buy or sell residential real estate in the San Diego area.”